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Politics & Religion:
A Volatile Mix?

GOD IN GOVERNMENT, a one-hour documentary, explores the complex relationship between religion & politics in the contemporary world. With the United States as the focal point, and Iran, Israel and India as object lessons, the film asks fundamental questions: What are the consequences when religion and politics become intertwined? What are the fault lines along which tensions and conflicts occur? What is the appropriate relationship between ‘church’ and state in a modern society?

The film begins and ends in the United States, the only nation founded specifically on the principle of a clear separation between religion and state. Here, the debate over the implications of the First Amendment has continued for more than two hundred years. Today, with a self-proclaimed, “committed Christian” President advocating faith-based initiatives in the welfare system, a vocal Christian right seeking to influence domestic and foreign policy, and an increasingly diverse religious landscape, the debate about the appropriate role of religion in America’s public square has become more urgent than ever.

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